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This is a modification to the Buddypress Like plugin by Alex Hempton-Smith. All the credit goes to those guys. I’ve modified the plugin according to my requirements. Out of the box, buddypress like plugin supports like or unlike one at a time. Furthermore it doesn’t really add to the ‘unlikes’ count for any item, it rather removes the like. So basically it works as ‘like’ and ‘remove like’. I’ve added/updated the following:

  1. Simultaneous like and unlike/dislike button, together side by side.
    So user can either do a ‘like’ or an ‘unlike’/’dislike’ which are obviously mutually exclusive.
  2. Once liked you can only unlike it and vice-versa

The moment i am writing this post, there isn’t any buddypress plugin which supports both like and dislike button. So if you have a similar requirement, feel free to download my version of the plugin.

But there’s one thing that you must be informed of: Respecting all the hardwork put behind coding the plugin, i’ve kept the author url, plugin url intact. So if the guys at bplike.wordpress.com release an update to their plugin and you happen to install the update, you’ll override all the changes :(. Just so you know..

You can find the stylesheet and icons for like/dislike under ‘_inc’ folder of the plugin, in case you want to change them.

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Chandan Chaudhary

Chandan is a WordPress guy. A programmer at heart. He loves building community sites with WordPress and BuddyPress.

39 thoughts on “Buddypress like dislike plugin”

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    1. umm.. m not sure. That’d somewhat be a different context. But yes the same code can be built upon to add a third one..
      Will do it when any such requirement comes 馃檪

  4. “umm.. m not sure. That鈥檇 somewhat be a different context. But yes the same code can be built upon to add a third one..
    Will do it when any such requirement comes 馃檪

    I am interested in such third option too.

  5. Hi

    I don’t know if is just me but I can’t see the avatars after like or dislike. The like and dislike function works very well but the avatars (even changing the configuration) are not showing, even the “view likes” test is not appearing.

    Any idea? thanks in advance!

    1. Well i’d be clueless as to why avatars would stop showing up, without taking a look in the website files. And regarding the “view likes” text, its not there in the plugin. The plugin just doesn’t keep a record of people who liked or dislike something, it just keeps a record of the count. Let me know if you want me to do something about it.

  6. Hey there. Great plugin rewrite. I’m using it successfully on my community’s site.

    However, I’m running into a strange error. When a user clicks “Like” they see the “Dislike” button change to say “Dislike (1)”.

    It would also be nice to see an almost-complete revision of this plugin to aggregate a list of Likers and Dislikers and possibly separate numbers of both. Let me know if you’d like to invest some time in that and I’ll see about funding your adventure.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    1. Hi,
      I have the same problem. Admin, please help me 馃檪 Howard Crane, did you solve this problem?

      I’ll be grateful for the help

  7. Hi ,

    Andr茅s Felipe L贸pez G. or Chandan, do you mean that this plugin doesn’t have any MySQL database table with “likes/dislikes” of all/separate user?

    Looks like plugin Buddypress Like won’t be developed anymore. It would be greate if you, Chandan, could continue its development.

    BTW, in Firefox I cannot comment here, since “Visual” tab is locked, but “Text” tab cannot be switched at all.


  8. i tried this plugin and it’s great! just one question, i does not appear on reply post (comments) in activity stream. am i missing something or that function is not included?

  9. Can you change this to your own version and put it on the WordPress depository?
    Either that or hack out the bit the searches for a later version in plugins.
    …..and BTW, thank you for the plugin!

    1. also……..as you have it on your blog post, the opposite of “like” is “dislike” not “unlike”, can I change this somewhere in the plugin code ?

      1. Actually, the opposite of Like can be Unlike or Dislike. Of course the two words have different meanings and should be used in different contexts.

        If I clicked on Like by mistake and want to fix that, I should Unlike the item.

        If I don’t like something and want to express that, I should click on Dislike

  10. https://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/cw-unlike-dislike.htm

    You are using the word as a verb, to either like or dislike (the comment).

    When I first arrive at a comment, your plugin gives me the choice to like or “unlike”!?!
    What you are saying is that the only way I can properly use your “unlike” button is too first like the comment, which is obviously nonsensical.

    As you can see from the link, the only example that could be used in modern day is Facebook and even then it would only be verbally (not written), I can’t find the “unlike” on Facebook anywhere.

    When “Unlike” is the opposite of “Like” it is used as a preposition :
    “this plugin allows us to dislike comments, unlike Facebook!”

  11. download broken, says “Oops! That page can鈥檛 be found” tried in Firefox and Chrome, maybe an issue with your CDN

  12. Hello,
    One person 2nd time like,dislike…..So Your plugin which functionality IP Address trace so user only one time opinion….Which functionality you added ya not???

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