Implode and Explode in PHP

We can store multiple value in single variable in two ways.
Either using Array, or comma separated values.

Comma separated: 
$name = 'Alex,Ana,BOB';
$name =  array(
    [0] => 'BOB',
    [1] => 'Alex',
    [2] =>  'Ana'

To convert array to comma separated value and reverse
we required two function

implode : 
Syntax:  string implode ( string $glue , array $pieces )

$array = array(
    [0] => 'lastname',
    [1] => 'email',
    [2] => 'phone'
$comma_separated = implode(",", $array);

result :   will be "lastname,email,phone".
explode : 
Syntax:  array explode (string $delimiter,string $comma_string)

$input2 = "hello,there";
$result = var_dump( explode( ',', $input2 ) );

result : array( 
    [0] => 'hello',
    [1] => 'there'

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