sending sms from your application

send free SMS from your application/website using third party services. A sample project is available for download at the end of this article.

What is it

The provided dll contains a class Freesmsapi which defines multiple methods to send sms’es from your website. The methods uses the credentials from your account on website. In order to use this you need to first create an account on the said website [Yes, its free !! 🙂]. You get a key which you pass as a parameter to the constructor of freesmsapi class of wdw_utilities.dll. So essentially your application sends a request to the said website which validates the request against the authentication key provided and then sends the sms.

There are few restrictions though :

  • You can send only 100 sms per day (but that should be sufficient for a small app)
  • Additionally according to R.T.I norms you can’t send sms between 9 in night till 9 in morning
  • Your sms’es are not delivered to numbers registered in DND

If all these restriction doesn’t stop you form using it then go ahead download the source code and use it the way you want.

How to use

  1. create an account on and get your authentication key
  2. create a new web application project in visual studio
  3. Add wdw_utilities.dll to the bin folder of your newly created project
  4. Add a reference to the said dll into your project
  5. add using wdw_utilities; to your code file
  6. create object(s) of the freesmsapi class passing your authentication key as parameter and call the functions passing appropriate values

How to use

class freesmsapi defines 2 overloads of method sendSMS. You pass the appropriate parameters (receivers mobile no and your text message) to the method and it sends the SMS.

  1. sendSMS(string mobile_numbers, string message) : ‘mobile_numbers’ is comma separated list of mobile numbers to whom who want to send the SMS. Valid values are ‘9*********’ (just one recepient) or ‘9*********, 9*********, …’ (just many recepient)
    ‘message’ is your content of the sms.
  2. sendSMS(string[] mobile_numbers, string message) : ‘mobile_numbers’ is a string array containing list of mobile numbers to whom who want to send the SMS. e.g: [‘9*********’, ‘9*********’, …]
    ‘message’ is your content of the sms.

method returns a string value which contains the response from freesmsapi website.
Thats it in here…..
hope you find it usefull.. cheers..

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  1. sir, where are the  download option for sample project of sms sending application .

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  2. i m creating a website in i want to implement a free sms service in my web site.
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