Buddypress Message Attachment Plugin

Yippee, my first plugin in wordpress repo. 🙂

A plugin for giving users the option to send attachment to each other in private messages. Users can send file attachment to each other in private messages as well in replies to those messages.
Check the screenshots below:
private message attachmentbuddypress attachemnt in message

You can download the plugin from wordpress repo here

The plugin was originally developed keeping audio/video attachments in mind, so the option to wrap audio/video attachments in HTML5 audio/video tags is still there.

Drop in your comments if you found it useful, or if you find any bugs.

Buddypress mention plugin

buddypress username mention
bp mention

A buddypress plugin to add username mention in status updates, comments, etc. with autosuggest dropdown of friends name.

This is an unofficial plugin. The same functionality is provided in BP Labs plugin which is from one of the core developers of buddypress. So there’s no way i am adding this pluing into wordpress repo 🙂

Then why this plugin?
Well.. the BP Labs didn’t work for me, neither on my localhost, nor on my server. But that doesn’t mean it wont work for you as well. Anyway so this didn’t work for me and i had a slightly altered requirement. BP Labs only displays the usernames in the autosuggest list, i wanted fullnames as the users wont know all the time the username of their friend, but they would definitely know their full name.

So that’s one difference. I’ve made this plugin from ground up and not by tweaking BP Labs as BP Labs has other functions as well apart form username mention.

Enough talking, if you want you can grab a copy of my plugin from the download link given at the end of this post.
Hope you find it useful.
And do drop in your feedback.

Buddypress like dislike plugin

This is a modification to the Buddypress Like plugin by Alex Hempton-Smith. All the credit goes to those guys. I’ve modified the plugin according to my requirements. Out of the box, buddypress like plugin supports like or unlike one at a time. Furthermore it doesn’t really add to the ‘unlikes’ count for any item, it rather removes the like. So basically it works as ‘like’ and ‘remove like’. I’ve added/updated the following:

  1. Simultaneous like and unlike/dislike button, together side by side.
    So user can either do a ‘like’ or an ‘unlike’/’dislike’ which are obviously mutually exclusive.
  2. Once liked you can only unlike it and vice-versa

The moment i am writing this post, there isn’t any buddypress plugin which supports both like and dislike button. So if you have a similar requirement, feel free to download my version of the plugin.

But there’s one thing that you must be informed of: Respecting all the hardwork put behind coding the plugin, i’ve kept the author url, plugin url intact. So if the guys at bplike.wordpress.com release an update to their plugin and you happen to install the update, you’ll override all the changes :(. Just so you know..

You can find the stylesheet and icons for like/dislike under ‘_inc’ folder of the plugin, in case you want to change them.